I have had three hypnosis sessions with Vicky to help me with my sugar addiction. Long and short of it is that I eat to much sugar and my body calls for it all the time. I was unsure about hypnosis, but was willing to give it a try. Each of the three sessions over he a three month period were helpful, but my most recent visit really resonated. Vicky has helped me to envision myself in five years as a persona that removed sweets from my day. She has also asked me to envision myself in five years continuing down the path I am on with a sweets filled diet. I don't like what I see with that person. It is not the best version of myself both from a biological standpoint and a mental/discipline standpoint as well. I can do better.

The results so far: I have been almost entirely "sweets free" except for an occasional bite of my wife's dessert. I have lost nine pounds (5'8" 175lbs) and now weight 166. I feel great and the differential is Hypnosis.

Matthew S

Vicky rocks!!! She's kind and professional. And somehow this works!! Is it magic? I'm not at all sure it isn't.

Judy T.

Went to EvCo and saw vicky for weight loss and it made me feel amazing. Afterwards I was able to stop a few of my medications, dropped a size on my clothing, and see a significant difference in my physical ability. I highly recommend it to everybody!

Frank H.

It was a great experience. It helped me get back on track and I feel so much healthier and stronger

David F.

I went for anxiety I had a really hard time being in cars with other people driving, due to a past experience it started to really disrupt my life. Till I went to EVCO and now I don't even think about it when it step into a car. I don't know what I would have done if Vicky didn't help me. Thank you so much, I loved going, Vicky is so warm and welcoming as well 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Cassidy K.

My husband had be chewing tobcacco since High School and had tried many times to give it up but couldn't do it, I had heard about EvCo Hypnosis on the radio and thought let's try it. So glad we did because it's ow been just about 3 months and no more chew, which makes me extremely happy and yo uknow what they say "Happy wife Happy life"
Thank you so much Vicki

Cheryl B.

Dear Vicky, went and came back from Italy, had a fantastic time!!! Thanks to you ( although I did take my pills) I was able to calm myself down to get on the "tin can"!!) Again, thank for all your help!!

Lucy B.

This was a great experience for me. I have tried to lose weight many times and it is always a struggle but with Vicky's help this time was much easier and more productive. I have lost almost 40 pounds in 4 months and I continue to lose weight. My doctor was so impressed he asked for Vicky's contact information so he could refer some of his patients to her.

I was worried about being hypnotized but Vicky put us all at ease and made it a pleasant experience. It was kind of like having a dreamy nap and I came away refreshed and revitalized.

Rick W.

My experience with Vicky has been truly amazing. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit nervous. Vicky immediately put me at ease. I struggled my whole life but after only two visits the changes have been remarkable. I absolutely recommend Vicky. Her process was very effective and it was a pleasure to have met her.


This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I was honestly a bit nervous and skeptical at first. After my first session I was in aw. I couldn't believe how this made me feel. I was so excited for the second class to get deeper involved. By the third class I was all in. The changes are happening and I can see them for myself. I have more energy, I am eating much better and I sleep great!!! Vicky is so sweet and caring. I would recommend her over and over again!

Thank you, Vicky! You are a lifesaver!!!

Amy S.

Hi Vicky, I wanted you to know how much my life has changed since our visits. Each day I do my affirmations and focus on where I am now and what I need to keep moving positively forward. I feel so much happier, I look healthier, and I know I'm getting stronger each day. My food habits brought me into this bad cycle of overall living, effecting more than what I eat but my life in general was slumping. You gave me the knowledge and power to change that cycle. I feel so free to move on and challenge myself daily in all ways not just with food. My husband and I are enjoying our lives together in such a better way, so for this we both thank you. What you did for me was something I never thought could ever be accomplished, and I will work so hard every day to keep on that path where you took me on that wonderful journey. Forever grateful!


I called Victoria because I suffer from lifelong insomnia. I've had 3 sessions and I'm already sleeping better. She has skills and the perfect voice for hypnosis. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed.

Brian T.

I was hesitant to start, but Vicky was so caring and professional that I was able to relax easily.

She guided me smoothly. The time with her was soothing and effective. Even now, weeks later, I can feel the after effects.

I will be returning for future appointments. Thank you, Vicky.

Judy T.

I highly recommend Evco Hypnosis.
I have started a health wellness weight loss program for 19 weeks here.

It is a zen feel relaxing atmosphere.
When you walk in there are soft tones and you pick out your own scented candle during your sessions that suit you and reflect your own energy.

Offerings of herbal teas. I am so excited I started this journey here.
It really works!
I have never been so relaxed and let the day stresses slip away.
I melt in to the chair and wonder beautiful meadows while falling under hypnosis for a weight loss adventure.

Positive thoughts, Encouragement amongst other suggestions while your under hypnosis to build a stronger healthier beautiful you!

You will find a very light hearted kind soul who is professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Evco. This has been an amazing experience. I feel so good!
I can't wait! To see my self after 19 weeks!! I look forward to continuing once a month for hypnosis for other things.
Truly love this place!

Lisa C.

EvCo Hypnosis has saved my sanity. Never thought I would ever begin to lose the weight again. EvCo helped me to lose weight and supported me at the same time. Thank you!

Deborah B.

EvCo Hypnosis is great, I loved working with Vicky. Our sessions were so helpful, relaxing and inspirational! I've lost 25lbs and counting! She gave me the motivation to change my health and the tools to keep it up!

Jennifer J.

How can a person say no to drugs and alcohol, but eat fast food twice daily, seven days a week, drink soda, eat in excess and other terrible food behaviors never having the willpower to stop? Vicky has changed my mindset! I'm five weeks into this new lifestyle and feeling the best I've felt in a few years! I now have strength to pass on soda, ice cream, chocolate and fast food. Vicky you are amazing! What a journey! Im grateful for your weight loss hypnosis experience!

Lorna E.

Such a great person! Inviting office. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I feel amazing already and I am only 4 weeks in. She has helped change my whole thinking process. Grateful for you Vicky!

Allyson C.

Victoria is amazing. Some years ago I attended the Key Hypnosis with the renowned Julie Ann Kibe in Westfield, MA. I lost weight, but gradually started slipping and putting the weight back on. A refresher with Julie did nothing. Julie then retired, and I tried North South in CT. That worked for a patch.
Victoria at Evco hypnosis is superior in my opinion. A very dynamic hypnotist that practices the basics of key; yet, could be done via Zoom equally as well as Julie Ann Kibe, which was very pricey and far for me. Victoria is reasonable, in the comforts of home, and quite efficient. I give her the greatest of accolades, and may go as far to say she exceeded the work of key for me. Well worth a try!!! Just do it.

Clair F.

Thanks again for the weight loss sessions. Mr. Doctor was thrilled with my 25 lb. weight loss (in 10 weeks), and the dramatic drop and stability in my blood pressure. I never thought that at this stage of my life I could drop that kind of weight and it gradually keeps coming off. The zoom sessions were easy, convenient, and comfortable right in the comfort of my own home. Not to mention leaving behind the terrible eating habits that became the norm after so many years. Both the attending nurse, then Doctor were stunned when they looked at my chart from 6 months ago and now. It's important that you WANT to do it and put a little effort into making your entire life better.

Dennis L.

Victoria is very supportive. Her approach is gentle and nurturing. She listened to me. I felt an immediate impact right after my very first session. Thank you for helping me gain back control and not more weight! - weight loss hypnosis. Loved that I was able to do this via Zoom.

I am a former graduate of The Key program (Julie Kibbe). Victoria- also a graduate- uses many of the same strategies. So, for me, it was a kind of reboot with a few changes that compliment my lifestyle. #nomoreexcuses.

Anita D.

Vicky helped me overcome my anxieties that have been a challenge for me for years! I highly recommend seeing her if you have anxiety and may not want to go the traditional medicine route or are looking for an extra boost of help!

Sara T.

Vicky is the best! No matter how hard I tried to get on track to lose weight, I just couldn't do it on my own. One session with Vicky, and I was on my way to losing over 50 pounds! Not only is Vicky excellent at what she does, she is also a very kind and compassionate person. I highly recommend signing up with Vicky if you need to lose weight. She has made a significant impact on my health and well-being

Marie W.